Pinch Of Mace Powder To Dishes

Must have seen the advertisements for these packets of spices…those if added to any dish…would give it a kick…a tangy…yummy taste…you know it would turn any bland tasting dish to this super sizzling recipe… 

Mace powder…consider it one such addition only…which…as a matter of fact…is a part of almost every second dish that is cooked in any Indian household…call it a staple spice there… 

Hmm…This Mace is the crimson hued spice or condiment…present as the second membrane covering the seed of the nutmeg fruit or the nutmeg….The taste of it is milder than that of nutmeg and is used in recipes which are delicately flavoured….and do not require a sharp and pricking smell…It consists of the essential oils…which give out its peculiar flavour and aroma….

A fine fact is that…this powder is available almost everywhere…You can find mace in almost all the grocery stores…containing spices…Also check supermarkets and food malls…It is generally available in glass bottles in powdered form or as a whole or in small pieces….Another valuable tip for you…While buying…check for the crispy nature and the red or orange intense colour of the mace…The mace powder if brown in colour…check for any lump formation in it….

This Mace powder is one amazing thing I tell you…it is used to flavour cakes and other sweets…but mace is also used in many savoury dishes…These include

  • Meats
  • Sauces
  • Curries
  • Pickling
  • Ketchup
  • Worcestershire sauce

Mace can be in fact it IS used as a nutmeg substitute in most recipes….Reason being this spice is sweeter and milder…than anything else at it’s competition…

Also mace is often used in place of nutmeg when dark coloured flecks of nutmeg might ruin the appearance of certain dishes….C’mon you can well understand that not so tempting looking dishes…no matter how tasty…can repel the eaters…and gawkers…Whereas often the most nicely garnished and nicely served and coloured dishes…attract the maximum masses and most of the times they deceivingly turn out to be puke-inducing…Anyway…back to the topic…Ground mace can be substituted in light coloured sauces…clear broths…omelettes and mashed potatoes…

Take two useful tips from me..

  1. One tip I would give you is that…Crush or grind whole mace before use to release its essential oils…flavour…& aroma… 
  2. Also….Add it at the begin of the cooking process to allow its full flavour to come out…and spread… 

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Maintain Personal Hygiene With Mace Oil

A cell phone…Such a prolific device no?

I mean be it making a call…video call…exchanging texts…clicking a picture…making a video or audio recording…surfing the web…exploring locations…listening to music…uploading…downloading…Everything! You can do it all by jut using a cell phone!

So convenient…similarly…what if you just had one thing that would solve your entire personal hygiene crisis?

Something like Mace Essential oil…

One oil that happily shoulder all the responsibilities of your immediate personal hygiene…Here’s disclosing top 5 uses of Mace essential oil for personal hygiene

  1. Mace can be used in a bath both for therapy and pleasure! Add the oil to the bath water preferably dilute it in a tablespoon of vegetable oil…a teaspoon of honey…or half a cup of milk…(Just to tell you…Honey and milk are excellent emulsifiers and will help Mace essential oil to disperse in the water)…Mace is gentle and non-irritant…in other words the best one can use during bathing…Use up to eight drops of Mace essential oil or blend…Run the bath as usual and add the essential oil (or mixture) to the water…Keep the bathroom door closed to ensure that the aroma does not disperse…Swish the water around vigorously before getting in… 
  2. Hmm…moving on to the next point of personal hygiene maintenance…There are many essential oils which have a clearing effect and are recommended to support the respiratory system…Among these Mace holds the highest spot…Prepare a blend of 10-20 drops of essential oil in 30ml of Mace oil and rub on the chest and upper back…it’ll relieve you to the hilt… 
  3. Okay…now coming to the oral health…Gargling with Mace oil can have numerous benefits…Here’s what you ought to do…First thoroughly mix the essential oil in a teaspoon of honey…Then dilute with warm water until the honey is dissolved… Gargle with a small amount and spit out…Use 1-2 drops per 30 ml of warm water…Repeat the process daily and you’ll experience a notable change in your coughing…mucus formation and other oral problems… 
  4. Another trick is to sprinkle a few drops of Mace oil onto a handkerchief or tissue… and inhale as required…Alternatively add three drops of Mace oil to a bowl of steaming water…Cover your head with a large towel…close your eyes…put your face above the water and inhale deeply…Repeat as required…and experience the difference… 
  5. And last but surely…certainly…absolutely NOT the least…The antiseptic and antibacterial effect of Mace oil can be perfect for freshening the breath and to help maintain healthy gums…and bacteria free mouth…All you are required to do is simply add a few drops of Mace oil to a cup of water…and swill around the mouth…Remember not to swallow…and you’ll be sorted…

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Disentangle…Tangled Intestines With Mace Oil

I understand that the topic is rather mad…But I couldn’t find a better way to catch your attention…

Hmm…Now that I have your attention…Listen up…

I love wandering in circles before coming to the actual point…So here’s a little bit of wandering…I am sure you can relate to this…When you get a tangled mass of threads or maybe certain strands of frizzy hair…or maybe a terribly tight knot…

Most humans…feel that itch to disentangle those masses…and with thorough concentration they are able to do it (I was no different…utterly enjoyed the feat!)…So (please don’t kill me for this!) when an Oil like Mace…sees the confusion and tangled intestines in your stomach…it also develops an urge to disentangle them…clear the confusion…you get it?

Fine! I’ll just stop right here!

By now I am sure you must have nicely understood the reason behind all this nonsense (Oh c’mon…It did make some sense)…Mace essential oil is the possibly the best doctor for your intestines…Read on..I have ‘relevant’ evidence too!

The essential oil called Nutmeg is extracted by the process of steam distillation from the seeds of a fleshy red fruit…The fruits are produced in an evergreen tree that grows as high as 20 meters in height…The exterior husk of the fruit is dried and is used to produce the amazing…Mace Essential Oil…whereas the seeds are used to produce the essential oil….This one belongs to Indonesia…and and and…This ‘amazing’ oil is widely used in India for curing INTESTINAL DISEASES…Heard that?

Hmm…Lets peep a little into history…During middle age…Nutmeg was grated and mixed with lard and used as an ointment to cure piles…(again a stomach related disease)

The Indians did start using it recently…It has been used since ages among Indian to cure intestinal disorders…Also…Attention please! The Egyptians used it to embalm and Italians to cure the disease called plague (taking it for granted that you know about it)… Nutmeg and mace both come from the nutmeg tree and have very similar medicinal properties….They are important medicines…employed principally to stimulate the digestion and to treat infections of the digestive tract…Nutmeg has also long been valued as an aphrodisiac and as a remedy for eczema and rheumatism…

There nothing new in the use of Mace today…In fact Mace has been used for centuries to treat

  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

And also many other stomach as well as kidney problems….

Here’s one handy recipe…quickly note it!

Mix thoroughly 1-1/2 tsps. of powdered slippery elm bark and dashes of powdered nutmeg and mace together with a little cold water in order to form a smooth paste that’s not lumpy….Then what you have to do is to bring a pint of half-and-half to the boiling point…removing immediately from the heat and quickly adding the powdered herb and spice paste…Keep stirring with a wooden ladle for about half a minute until the paste is thoroughly mixed in…Let it cool until lukewarm before drinking 1/2 cup…Repeat this procedure three times daily…always drinking the mixture warm to help heal stomach problems…And soon you’ll be moving around with a smiling stomach (Now not literally okay!)

Not only this…this Mace essential oil is seriously the best natural medicine for stomach and intestines…It has made a place for itself by increasing appetite and reducing nausea…vomiting ( Like I’ve mentioned earlier) and diarrhoea…Also it is a helpful remedy for many digestive problems…especially gastroenteritis…and also any kind of abdominal pain…

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Mace Oil – At Its Best

Mace oil is good at the works it is assigned to do and even it does it all pretty well…And frankly there shouldn’t be any surprise in it because essential oils like Mace are very helpful and miraculous in deed like healing and curing…

Mace the tree is a small evergreen, not more than 40 feet in height, with smooth, grayish-brown bark, green on the younger branches. The alternate leaves are oblong-ovate, acute, entire, smooth, and dark-green. The flowers are very small and unisexual.

The fruits, smooth and yellow, resemble a pear grooved by a longitudinal furrow and containing a single erect seed about 1 1/4 inches long. The nucleus being the wrinkled nutmeg. The fleshy, irregular covering, scarlet when fresh and drying, yellow and brittle, is the mace. The essential oil is made by steam (or water) distillation of the dried orange-brown aril or husk.

Mace is an evergreen tree up to 20m high with a grayish-brown smooth bark, dense foliage and small dull-yellow flowers. The fruit is gathered by means of a barb attached to a long stick. The mace is separated from the nut and both are dried separately. The nutmeg or kernel of the fruit and the arillus or mace are the official parts. Native to the Moluccas and nearby islands; Nutmeg is also cultivated in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the West Indies, especially Grenada. The essential oil is also distilled in the USA and Europe from imported nutmeg.

Mace essential oil, can be used for flatulent dyspepsia, nausea, diarrhea, dysentery and rheumatism. Both Mace and Nutmeg help digestion in stomach weakness, but if used in excess may cause over-excitement. They increase circulation and body heat. They have been employed in pestilential and putrid fevers, and with other substances in intermittent fevers, and enter into the composition of many French medicaments..

Myristica fragrans,  blends well with the following essential oils…

  • Oak moss
  • Lavandin
  • Bay leaf
  • Peru balsam
  • Orange
  • Geranium
  • Clary sage
  • Rosemary
  • Lime
  • Petitgrain
  • Mandarin
  • Coriander

Mace is generally non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. However, used in large doses there may be signs of toxicity such as nausea, stupor, and tachycardia, believed to be due to the myristcin content.

It has many properties…

  • Analgesic
  • Anti-emetic
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Carminative
  • Digestive
  • Emmenagogue
  • Larvicidal
  • Stimulant
  • Tonic

Mace essential oil…

  • Contains a volatile oil, fat, starch, proteins, ash and mucilage.
  • Fixed oil is called butter of nutmeg consists of myristin and myristic acid.
  • Essential oil contains myristicene and myristicol.

Contains a volatile oil, resin, fat, sugar, destrin and mucilage.Essential oil of mace is of a yellowish colour and consists of macene.

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Best Natural Cure For Asthma – Mace Essential Oil

Fed up of using those inhalers…fighting asthma with the help of those became tough for my sister…she started feeling dick…like a patient…she wanted to go the natural way…our granny wasn’t there to guide us through the best natural ways to fight asthma…so she did this little survey and most of the people suggested to her that Mace oil was the best natural cure to asthma…

I’ll tell you something about it…As a matter of fact this Mace oil form an important ingredient in many cough syrups and cold rubs as it is extremely helpful in relieving cough and cold…It is also an old and renowned oil as far as treating asthma is concerned…

It is nothing that happened recently…In fact Mace has always been considered to be a useful medicine in a number of Asian societies…Among the Arabs…the sheiks…it has been used to treat digestive problems and also been valued as an aphrodisiac…the Indians used it to combat asthma and heart complaints and still use it as a sedative… Heard of Nicholas Culpeper? Yes I mean the same the famous English herbalist…attributes to nutmeg…Mace the capacity to induce sound sleep and quiet smooth breathing…

William Salmon…his counterpart…on the other hand…said that the oil of mace or nutmegs…if applied on the right places…can induce sexual passion (Hence…echoing the Arabs’ use of its aphrodisiac qualities)….

The use of Mace as a magical medicine continued far into the twentieth century in England….The belief that carrying Mace in the pocket could cure various complaints has been recorded from various parts of the country…Also in Yorkshire it was considered as the best way to relieve rheumatic pain…in Lincolnshire it was said to cure backache and in Devon it was eaten to clear up boils…Elsewhere it was used by gardeners as a prophylactic measure against the occupational hazard of backache….As late as 1966 a Hampshire coalman who suffered from lumbago was told to carry Mace…and when he did so he swore he never suffered from it again…This oil was also believed to be lucky in gambling….Now thats some funny history of it…A newspaper article from the mid-1960s reported that an individual sprinkled nutmeg powder on their football pools coupon and…on the advice of a gypsy…left it for twenty-four hours before posting it…

Mace contains myristicin…a substance that can cause drowsiness…(warm milk and grated Mace at bedtime will promote sleep)…When taken in moderation it may alleviate nausea…vomiting…flatulence and diarrhoea

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Mace Oil – At Your Service

Mace essential oil is one amazing essential oil that works for about ill of humans and in some cases even of cats and dogs…The oil has a great reputation among manufacturers of the essential oils…

Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans) has been used for centuries, particularly as a remedy for kidney and digestive problems; Nutmeg oil is obtained from an evergreen tree of the Myristicaeae plant family. The tree grows up to sixty five feet in height with small, yellow flowers and fruit, shaped like a small peach; the bark of the tree is smooth and gray-brown in color. It is native to the Molucca Islands and cultivated in the West Indies, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

It is dried seed of the nutmeg tree fruit which belongs to the genus Myristica. It is a tiny package with various big benefits. It is used for medicinal purpose and also for culinary purpose. Nutmeg is also recognized as –

  • Jaiphal
  • Myristica
  • Muscdier
  • Myristica fragrans
  • Mace
  • Noz moscada
  • Magic
  • Muskatbaum
  • Nuez moscada
  • Nux moschata

Nutmeg tree grows in Malaysia, Indonesia, West Indies and SriLanka as well as produce both nutmeg and mace. Mace is the lacy reddish membrane of the seed which is also used as the spice.

Ancient Indian and Chinese royalty carried ground Nutmeg in small, ivory boxes and added the substance to drinks for hallucinogenic reasons; in Malaysia, pregnant women used Nutmeg in the final weeks of their confinement in the belief it would strengthen the uterine muscle for labor. The Romans used Nutmeg to make incense.

Nutmeg was considered to be a valuable spice for trading; both the British and the French smuggled Nutmeg seeds in the eighteenth century. By the nineteenth century, ground Nutmeg was being used in many English recipes; it became a popular addition to Christmas eggnog in the United States.

Nutmeg oil is obtained from the kernel of the fruit and the outer layer of the fruit also produces another spice, Mace; the essential oil of Nutmeg is extracted by steam distillation of the kernel seed. Nutmeg oil is primarily made up of the chemical component of monoterpenes hydrocarbons (including camphene, dipentene, pinene, sabinene and cymene) but also includes geraniol, borneol and linalol.
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Nutmeg…Mace…One on One

Often I hear people confusing nutmeg and mace…Today with this article I’m going to take the initiative and clear all possible confusion for all you doubtful lovers of Mace and Nutmeg…

Mace and nutmeg…call them sisters….brothers… (I’d stick to ‘sisters’ cause they are ‘spicy’ *wink) Anyway…Okay now these two spices are twins…because they are both parts of the fruit of  Myristica frangrans; I am sure you have heard the name? If not… you may also know it as the nutmeg tree.

Now to differentiate between the two separately…I have prepared a few key points…highlighting what you seek…the real difference between nutmeg and mace…

  • Okay…Mace consists of the vein-like threads that cover the dried fruit…while nutmeg is the kernel inside the seed…rather like the kernel inside a peach stone…
  • Mace threads…or blades…are chopped or ground and the nutmeg kernel is ground or grated…
  • Both are traditional flavorings for sweets including- Custards….Cakes…desserts… and other savory dishes…especially fish…spinach…pasta and quiche…Okay I this one was actually the point of congruence rather than a difference between the two..

Now I’m sure you can understand the confusion which does the rounds regarding these two spices…These two similar spices from a single fruit… The confusion is nothing new, it’s a confusion which has been present throughout history….spice lore tells the tale of an English merchant who visited a Ceylon nutmeg plantation and…after learning that mace was worth more than nutmeg…declared…that they should pay more emphasis on the production of mace than nutmeg

Then there are some spice historians who say that mace may not have been considered a spice until long after nutmeg became popular…since it is not included in early European descriptions of spice use from 3rd and 4th centuries…However…cooking with nutmeg in India extends to ancient times…

Another fact from history is that the Arab traders introduced nutmeg to the West sometime in the 6th century…It eventually became as valuable as gold and was among the spices that prompted the European exploration of the world….

This might be quite surprising for you to know but….Nutmeg has been flavoring in beverages…and still is…like Coca Cola…which reportedly includes it in its secret recipe…Astonishing no? A spice (literally) used in a beverage like coca cola…

This…one can attribute to the flavoring qualities of nutmeg and mace…which are spicier than most people expect…Despite their use in mild dishes like custard and stewed fruit…nutmeg and mace actually include some of the same oils that flavor pepper and cloves

Another controversial thing which might attract youngsters to these spices is that nutmeg and mace also contain hallucinogens, and can be fatally toxic if used in a large quantity…you know like…eating an entire nutmeg…However…the small quantities normally used in cooking are considered safe…

Cooks and chefs all over the world…have vacillated through the years over the desirability of mace versus nutmeg…No wonder at times…people seem to have wanted what was harder to come by…and priced mace much higher than nutmeg due to the unavailability of mace….

And ladies and gentlemen…Today…nutmeg’s flavor is considered warm and well matched to food…and appetizing…Mace is described…somewhat contradictorily…as more subtle and spicier…a combination of cinnamon and pepper…Some books describe mace as the stronger flavor and some say nutmeg…The flavor is closely related to freshness…and fresh mace is stronger than nutmeg sold already ground….Still for most purposes…mace and nutmeg are interchangeable….

So in on you to decide the ultimate winner among the two after usage…

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Insomniac Like Enrique? Tune in With Mace

Either limitless agony or boundless ecstasy can make you an insomniac…I have been through both…and became an absolute night’s child…

It’s true I’m not entirely blameless, I’ve conformed to the conventional tea-coffee culture we live in, and have caffeine nearly every day …I can’t remember my sleep ever being continuous throughout the night and my caffeine intake seems to go up and up…

That’s when an aunt told me to resort to natural remedies…the best I found was Mace essential oil…

Let me make you aware of the insomnia fighting herb…Mace (basically the outer covering) contain this thing called myristicin…its actually a substance that can cause drowsiness…and in cases like insomnia…warm milk and grated Mace at bedtime will undoubtedly promote sleep…Also when taken in moderation they may alleviate

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhoea

Mace is a potent sleep promoter…though kindly take my suggestion and do not exceed a teaspoon of it…

You know these insomnia and sleeping disorders which affect many people mainly because of stress…anxiety…depression…fear and natural aging…( Like I mentioned before)…Few other nervous problems can also be the root cause for such sleeping troubles….Sleeping disorders are not dangerous if they are checked in the initial stages…There are certain essential oils that can help you in supporting sleeping problems…

Mace oil acts as a good sedative…stimulant and is hypnotic in nature….The Flavonoids and vitamin-B complex present in this activate the secretion of certain enzymes and hormones which are calming and hypnotic in nature…These effects induce good sleep….

This oil has a calming effect and relaxes the mind and body…It soothes painful muscles and calms down the mind and senses…Mace oil is used for treating insomnia and other sleeping disorders for its relaxing and calming properties…

In clear words…Mace is the best cure for preventing insomnia….It acts as a mild sedative and facilitates good sleep…This oil helps in supporting a problem-free and peaceful sleep…

And even the problems related to blood and nervous system are cured with the help of Mace essential oil…With its holistic fragrance it can calm down the nerves…This helps in curing severe headaches…migraine attacks…depression…anxiety…stress and tension…It helps cure insomnia and other sleeping disorders…Mace essential oil also helps in enhancing blood circulation and regulating hypertension and other blood disorders…It is a natural…non-toxic…non-irritant…calming and relaxing oil…It induces good sleep and also treats insomnia effectively….

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Mace Oil – Extinguisher Of Burns (Anti-Inflammatory)

Telling you with personal experience…inflammation can be very painful and pestering…no matter where and in what form…

But thankful…The one sitting up there has created a solution to all our problems…but has left finding the best solution to us…

I found the one to my problem…Mace essential oil…

This oil is non-toxic…non-irritant and non-sensitizing…

The therapeutic properties of this oil being

  • Analgesic
  • Antirheumatic
  • Antiseptic
  • Antispasmodic
  • Carminative
  • Digestive
  • Emmenagogue
  • Laxative
  • Parturient
  • Stimulant
  • Tonic

It stimulates the heart and circulation…activates the mind and revives people from fainting spells…while stimulating the digestive system and fighting wind…nausea…chronic vomiting and diarrhoea…Not only that It also encourages appetite and averts constipation…fights gallstones and is a tonic for the reproductive system…while regulating scanty period…relieving frigidity and impotence…It can aid births by strengthening contractions…

The oil has shown unbelievable anti-inflammatory action…and is also successful in relieving pain…especially muscular aches and pain…as well as rheumatism…

Because of this Mace oil being an anti-inflammatory…massaging the part that is in pain with nutmeg oil is an effective treatment for arthritis…rheumatism…lumbago…This oil is an essential part of the Chinese medicine when it comes to treating abdominal pain…and inflammation…It reduces the swelling of joints…

It can be helpful with the nervous system…digestive system…muscular aches and pains…as well as invigorating and stimulating the mind…

When diluted in the bath this oil helps with muscular aches and pains…gout…rheumatism…gallstone…arthritis…circulation…digestive disorders and even sexual problems….

Although I would not recommend that you use Mace oil for skin care in general…any cream containing it can help with relieving muscular pains and aches…It has a good toning action on hair…

Isn’t all this really intriguing that this one simple liquid can do innumerable wonders to the human body…Thank God for creating such wondrous herbs and also bringing them in front of the human race..

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Mace Essential Oil – A Stress Buster

Sometimes just listening to a favourite genre of music offers the best refuge from the most gruelling of days…sometimes even the best holiday cannot offer one…the same comfort and ease…the mental piece…

Times in life when you come across situations…nightmares…which you even avoided thinking about because even their slightest thoughts rendered you numb…coming face to face with such situations…drains you of all your strengths and resources and mental acuity…Those are times when nothing seems to work…just questions hovering you…

It would be absurd and inadequate to say that in times like these the application of a mere oil could do any amount of good…but well…can’t deny how a simple liquid…it smell…its sensations can distract you from all the evils in your life…for that peaceful ‘some’ time..

Mace essential Oil is a stress buster…

The health benefits of mace oil include its ability to treat

  • Stress
  • Indigestion
  • Blood pressure
  • Cough
  • Pain
  • Bad breadth
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Heart disorders

All these benefits of this amazing stress buster is the result of its medicinal properties which are

  • Sedative
  • Stimulant
  • Relaxing
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antiseptic
  • Bactericide

Mace oil is basically the covering of the seed called nutmeg…it was traditionally believed to be very effective against this disease called ‘plague’ and hence was illustrious during the reign of Elizabeth…

Mace oil is very useful for treating muscular and joint pain and sores as it is an excellent sedative…This oil is also anti-inflammatory and therefore massaging the part that is in pain with Mace oil is an effective treatment for arthritis…rheumatism…lumbago…Mace oil is an essential part of the Chinese medicine when it comes to treating abdominal pain…and inflammation…It reduces the swelling of joints…When overexertion leads to body or muscle ache…In such cases nutmeg oil can be very useful to remove the pain.

Not only this Mace oil is a good stimulant not just for the mind but also for the entire body…Its relaxing aroma comforts the body…increases blood circulation and therefore helps those who have poor blood circulation….Some women often face menstrual irregularities and have menstrual cramps….Mace oil is very helpful for these people too…

Mace oil…Let me tell you how it acts as a stress buster…basically it stimulates the brain and therefore removes mental exhaustion and stress….It is also believed that Mace oil improves the quality of your dreams…making them more intense and colourful…It is a good remedy for anxiety as well as depression you know…This oil is often used in homeopathy…In the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations…Mace was popular as an effective brain tonic in spite of its high cost and rarity…It also enhances concentration and increases your overall efficiency at study and work…Mace oil also stimulates the cardiovascular system and therefore is a good tonic for the heart…

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